Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Central Stockyards?

Central Stockyards is owned by Percipio Partners, LLC, an Omaha, Nebraska-based private equity company with holdings in several sectors, including agriculture.

What plans does Percipio Partners have for Central Stockyards?

Percipio Partners has invested significant resources in Central Stockyards and intends to support Central Stockyards’ mission to serve livestock producers with various marketing platforms.

Why did Central Stockyards purchase the Fed Cattle Exchange?

The Fed Cattle Exchange has provided transparent price discovery to feedyards since 2016. Central Stockyards believes we can make the Fed Cattle Exchange even more valuable to customers and the entire cattle industry by using technical innovations to adapt to immediate industry needs.

How will Central Stockyards improve the Fed Cattle Exchange?

Central Stockyards is working with buyers and sellers to identify improvements to the marketing platform which will build upon Central Stockyards’ vision of transparent, negotiated price discovery. One example is the Bid-The-GridTM concept.

Will Central Stockyards expand the number of packers buying on the Fed Cattle Exchange?

Central Stockyards’ knows that additional packers provide liquidity and price discovery for sellers. Our team has already begun the process of engaging packers and feedyards to encourage as many market participants as possible in Fed Cattle Exchange sales.

What is in Central Stockyards’ product pipeline?

Central Stockyard's goal is to build a portfolio of Exchanges and will be introducing additional sale types in 2021. Examples include a Feeder Cattle Exchange and Breeding Cattle Exchange.

Does Central Stockyards or Fed Cattle Exchange support proposed legislation for mandatory negotiated cash trade?

Central Stockyards is policy-neutral and has not taken a position in support of, or in opposition to, any proposed legislation. Central Stockyards believes in transparent price discovery through negotiated trade and is focused on providing buyers and sellers with a transparent and efficient livestock marketing platform.

Does Central Stockyards support mandatory or voluntary country of origin labeling?

Central Stockyards believes that livestock producers have the freedom right to market their cattle as they see fit to meet the demands of their buyers and, ultimately, consumers. Central Stockyards platforms enable country of origin as an optional field for sale listings.

Does Central Stockyards support the Beef Checkoff?

Central Stockyards believes that livestock producers should have the freedom to determine the best possible way to fund beef promotions to domestic and international consumers. If cattle producers choose to fund beef checkoff programs through state or national referendums, Central Stockyards will fulfill our legal duty to remit beef checkoff funds to appropriate entities.